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“I've noticed a lot of new things about myself and developed more patience and a deeper understanding and care for others. I have also gotten more comfortable with who I am.”
—Lahke, SEO Contract Course Student

MWS - Contract Course Opportunities

MWS custom contract courses are designed for groups, such as schools, nonprofits, clubs or organizations, that are comprised of youth ages 14-18 years old, or young adults ages 18-22. The goals of a custom course can vary from specific objectives your organization may have, like group bonding during an orientation period, or can be more structured with MWS curriculum based on leadership skills, wild ecology conservation knowledge, communication skills, and expedition community building, to meet your organization's educational goals.

We want to provide exceptional outdoor experiences to a broader range of youth. A custom course allows you the flexibility of determining the curriculum and the structure of the expedition, leaving more room for reaching your organization’s specific goals. In addition, all students can come together in the natural world providing powerful joint experiences and connections.

MWS primarily works with 14-18 year old students and 18-22 year old students, however, some accommodations to other aged youth is possible. Group size restrictions will be in place due to Covid-19 and land agency restrictions and are subject to change. Organizational chaperones may accompany the group depending on the total size of the group, Covid-19 restrictions, and land use permits. Staff to participant ratio is a minimum of 5:1. At least two MWS staff members will accompany all courses.

We provide all the expedition program gear, food and transportation from Bozeman, MT. Courses will cost around $250/day per participant depending on the specifics of each expedition. Courses can vary in length, but usually last from 5-10 days. We will be available and have conversations with you before the course in order to determine curriculum goals. MWS will be in charge of all risk management, camp craft and technical aspects of the expedition. Leave No Trace ethics and public land management lessons will also be taught on each expedition. Additional curriculum structure is up to you, but we can support you or teach alongside any chaperones as well.

Missouri River Canoe Adventure 7-10 days (May-September)
Create a stronger community within your group on one of Montana's iconic rivers. Experience the Montana prairie ecosystem in a unique way, canoeing the wild and scenic Missouri River and exploring remote areas of the Missouri Breaks by foot. This expedition provides an opportunity to learn and practice MWS core curriculum and outdoor skills while on land and water. As your group explores this historical corridor, you will also learn about prairie restoration, wildlife management, and the essential role of public and private lands in north central Montana.

Alpine Backpacking Adventure 5-10 days (June-September)
Give your group a taste of the alpine as you backpack through remote areas of the Montana wilderness and develop outdoor skills such as navigation, camping, backcountry cooking and expedition community building. On this expedition your group will learn about the natural world and develop a greater understanding of Montana’s wild places while challenging yourselves and setting new personal and group goals. This expedition is an excellent introduction to backpacking in alpine environments for a group and provides ample time to tailor the curriculum for your group’s specific educational learning objectives.

Yellowstone Whitewater Canoe Adventure 5-7 days (July-September)
Provide your group with the trip of a lifetime while canoeing and fly fishing the legendary Yellowstone River! During this dynamic water expedition students will learn and practice skills in navigation, canoeing, intro to fly fishing, camping, backcountry cooking and expedition community building. The group will progress down the river learning to paddle canoes through Class 1&II whitewater. The Yellowstone Adventure is specifically designed for students looking to challenge themselves on the longest free-flowing river in the lower 48 states. Students must be at least 16 years old for this course.

Other course locations and ideas can be explored as well.
Please contact  MWS Program Director, Josh Olsen, to discuss details and availability.

Organizations we have collaborated with in the past or present:
Bozeman Field School - Bozeman, MT
Sussex School - Missoula, MT

Montana Wilderness School
PO Box 1183
Bozeman, MT 59771

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