financial Aid APPLICATION

Please note you cannot save your progress on this form. Make sure you set aside enough time to answer all the questions or copy and paste your answers to the student questionnaire from a separate document.
Financial assistance is available for Montana resident youth only. In order to process the application for financial assistance, you will need to photocopy or scan parents/legal guardians’ latest 1040 tax return form (or other IRS documentation when relevant) and attach them to your completed application.

Student Information

If I receive financial aid from the MWS Scholarship fund, I agree to participate in a thank you video or to write a thank you letter to donors of the MWS scholarship fund. (This is NOT required to receive a scholarship)

estimation of Financial aid need

reference #1 (non-family member or relative)

reference #2 (non-family member or relative)


Describe what role the outdoors and wild spaces play in your life. Are these spaces important to you? Why?
Imagine yourself 5 years from today. What dreams and goals do you have for yourself personally and professionally?
Please describe what you hope to do with your MWS expedition education. For example, consider job skills or training for future adventures.

Parent/Guardian Financial Information

How many people will you as parents/guardians support this year? Include yourself, applicant and any others if you are providing for 50% or more of their support.
Current marital status?
Parents/Guardians (Combined) Annual Income?
Parents/ Guardians Annual Expenses
Housing (rent, mortgage)
Living expenses (utilities, food, clothing)
Medical and dental expenses not paid by insurance
School Tuition
Parents/ Guardians Annual Expenses
Credit Cards
Other (child car, entertainment, etc)
Tax Information - Families of applicants must submit the parents or guardians' most recent 1040 form.
Please email us a PDF of your most recent 1040 tax return at  or to ask for help.
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What Happens Next?

Once we have received your completed application, waivers, and fee, MWS will send you an email confirming we have received everything. If you don’t see a message from us within a week of submitting your application, be sure to check your junk or spam folder. Emails will be coming from  

Please let us know if you prefer mail/phone communication instead of emails.
We will review your application and be in touch if we have any questions. If you have applied for Financial Aid, we will be contacting your references during this review process. Once our Team has reviewed your completed application, we will contact you regarding your adventure!
If you have any questions during this process or need help, please call us at 406-388-4610 or email us at
Montana Wilderness School
P.O. Box 1183
Bozeman, MT 59771

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