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We are so excited for you to travel to join us on an MWS course! A few helpful details when planning your trip to Bozeman, Montana.

1. Booking Your Flight

If travelling from out of state, you will want to book your flight to and from Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport.  We do ask that you please book your flight the day of the course start if at all possible. You will receive an email with course start information once enrolled in your expedition so that you can plan accordingly.

Please note that most airlines offer/require that you purchase an unaccompanied minor service that ensures that your child is boarded onto the aircraft, chaperoned during connections and turned over to the MWS upon arrival to Bozeman. Each airline has their own policies, rates and services offered so please check with the airlines. If you do purchase the provision you will need provide the airline with the name and phone number of the MWS staff member that is picking up the student. Please be sure to email flight information to

MWS staff will be at the airport to transport students flying in for the course to our office. Please carefully review the specific travel information that will be emailed to you once enrolled in your expedition.

2. What if there is a travel delay getting to my course start?

If an unavoidable travel delay occurs, every effort will be made to get the delayed student on the course. Please call MWS as soon as possible so that we can facilitate the pick up. Under no circumstances will we leave on the expedition without accounting for every student expected and will call families if a student is not accounted for.

3. Booking my return flight.

Regarding your return flights, MWS will email you specific information regarding what time is the earliest you can book the flight on the course end date as it varies depending on the expedition.

MWS will provide students with a shuttle to the airport on the course end day.

4. What if I have to fly in the night before the course?

In the event that a 14-18 year-old student requires an overnight stay, please contact MWS prior to booking the flight for information. We do not typically offer supervision prior to the course start time but understand the difficulty in travel plans as well and will address each situation case by case.

5. Lodging

The following lodging options are available in Bozeman – please note that due to summer tourism, both flight and accommodation booking fill quickly! We highly encourage you to make travel plans as early as possible. Also note that most hotels will not allow a minor to stay unaccompanied.

6. Transportation

Public transportation from the airport is limited in Bozeman. On the course start day, MWS will be offering a shuttle from the airport to the course start location or students can be picked up from the airport as the expedition leaves Bozeman. Alternatively, there is a taxi service in Bozeman - average cost from the airport is $30 and Uber is available as well.

7. Packing

You will need to bring personal clothing, a few toiletries and footwear. Each expedition has a specific clothing list and footwear descriptions that will be provided to you. Please note, you do not need to bring camping gear (sleeping bags, stoves or backpacks). If you already own camping gear and would prefer to use it for your course please check your packing lists as to what is appropriate. On the course start day we will be going through your packs and the gear before starting the expedition to ensure that everyone is equipped properly.

Once enrolled, MWS will be emailing or mailing you a packing list for your expedition.
You can also preview the packing lists on the left hand side of the expedition description pages online.
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